JBL Synthesis SSW-1 Passive subwoofer

The SSW-1 is a custom in-room/built-in subwoofer and is the flagship of the JBL Synthesis SSW subwoofer range. It features dual 15-inch (380mm) high-excursion cast-frame woofers in a heavily-braced, front-ported enclosure constructed from 1-inch MDF throughout. The SSW-1 delivers extreme low-frequency performance and high SPL output levels for custom installations in large to extra-large rooms.

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Color Black

Description / JBL Synthesis SSW-1 Passive subwoofer

About the Synthesis SSW-1

The Synthesis SSW-1 is the flagship passive subwoofer in the JBL Synthesis range, acoustically designed to complement any of the Synthesis Custom Loudspeakers (SCL series) as part of a complete JBL Synthesis solution.

Incredibly low-noise performance

The SSW-1 features dual 15-inch (380mm) cast-frame, black advanced Aluminum Matrix cone woofers, each with a massive 6-inch (152mm) voice coil for total system power handling of 5000 WRMS. Cabinet tuning is via dual front-firing tuned ports featuring JBL’s patented Slipstream™ contouring for incredibly low-noise performance. The robust enclosure is constructed from 1-inch (25mm) MDF with extensive internal bracing and includes a steel-frame, magnetically attached cloth grille. The configuration of the enclosure allows it to be positioned vertically or laid on its side horizontally for tremendous placement flexibility in applications including built-in, behind the screen, or in-room. The SSW-1 delivers powerful, dynamic, and accurate bass response in large rooms.

Product Highlights

  • Dual 15" (380mm) cast-frame advanced Aluminum Matrix cone woofers, each with a 6-inch (150mm) voice coil capable of over 3" (80mm) of cone travel
  • Heavily braced black vinyl-clad cabinet built from 1-inch thick MDF with dual front-firing Slipstream ports, tuned to 18Hz
  • Cloth-wrapped, edge to edge metal frame grille with magnetic attachment
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical placement
  • Total system power handling of 5000 WRMS


Lead Time AvailabilityTypically 3-5 Days to Dispatch
Speaker Grille ShapeSquare
Overall Width609.6
Overall Height1358.9
Overall Depth558.8
Frequency Response15 Hz – 400 Hz (-6 dB)
Impedance (Nominal)8 Ohm per woofer
Sensitivity (1W@1M)90 dB/1W/1m
Recommended Amp2500 WRMS per woofer (5,000 WRMS total)
Drivers Unit ComplementBass reflex with dual front slipstream ports, tuned to 18 Hz, Dual 15-inch (380mm) in-room passive subwoofer
Weight (Kg)159
Warranty5 Years



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