JVC DLA-NZ9 D-ILA 4K/8K Native Projector

The New JVC DLA-NZ9 is a world first projector capable of a 8K/60p/4K120p input with 8K/e-shiftX technology to produce 8K-quality images. Featuring a 100 mm all-glass lens and an ultra-high brightness of 3,000 lumens, this Home Cinema Projector is the new ultimate.

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Description / JVC DLA-NZ9 D-ILA 4K/8K Native Projector

JVC's Ultimate Home Theatre Projector: The JVC DLA-NZ9

As part of the line-up of the newly established JVC Projectors, the JVC DLA-NZ9 is one of their world's first 8K input home theater projectors.

JVC DLA-NZ9 Features:

  • 8K60p/4K120p input with 8K/e-shift
  • 0.69-in 4K D-ILA
  • 100mm High Resolution All Glass Lens
  • Laser Light Source (BLU-Escent) and Ultra-High Contrast Optics with 3,000 lm Light Output
  • 100,000:1 Native Contrast ∞:1 Dynamic Contrast
  • HDR (HDR10+/Frame Adapt HDR/HLG)
  • Wide Colour Gamut (DCI cover)

The New JVC D-ILA Projector Series

8K/4K Technology for Projectors

Home theatre Projectors produce even 8K resolution. The newly established JVC D-ILA Projector Series can achieve an 8K resolution credit to their significant development of 8K/e-shift technology. With improvements made to JVC’s 8K/e-shift technology, e-shift (high-resolution technology) is now combined with technology to double the resolution by shifting a pixel by 0.5 pixels and exactly 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA device. Shift direction has also increased from two to four directions: up, down, left and right to allow for 8K signal information inclusively. With impressive progression, JVC has created a near-native 8K resolution creating a home cinema experience like never before.

parrot with 4K, 8K eshift and JVC 8k eshiftX resolutions side by sideparrot with 4K, 8K eshift and JVC 8k eshiftX resolutions side by side

A World's First Projector

The new JVC Projector Series has even created the World's first home projectors capable of inputting signals of 8K60p/4K120p. With their latest achievements, 8K resolution has been made possible. Ultimately a resolution as vast as 8K can only be accomplished with the support of the latest technology. Credit to the specialist engineers at JVC, the up-converter has evolved to display conventional content in the format of 8K. This simply means the most realistic video images from video streaming, HD or 4K UHD-BD videos, full of contrast can be enjoyed by up-converting the image to 8K information content.

Gaming on the Big Screen

With Gaming always on the rise, the latest JVC Projector Series can easily support gaming content. With an input of 4K120p, the JVC D-ILA series is ideal for low latency mode. Equipped with this input, the technology reduces delays and improves response performance to users’ quick operations. Thanks to the ultimate combination of 4K120p input and the Low Latency model, create a high-quality gaming experience in front of your large screen in the comfort of your home.

red car in a racing gamered car in a racing game

All-Glass Lens

To meet the demands of 8K resolution, a high-performance lens system is essential. JVC’s DLA-NZ9 is exclusively equipped with an 18-element, 16-group all-glass lens surrounded by a full aluminium lens barrel. With this specialist design, high-resolution images can be projected to every corner of the screen with the 100 mm diameter lens conducting a wide lens shift of ±100% vertically and ±43% horizontally. The DLA-NZ9 also includes five ED lenses which are calibrated for differences in R/G/B refractive index, reducing chromatic aberration and colour fringing when delivering premium 8K resolution. 

Laser Technology

BLU-Escent for exceptional brightness and longevity

The DLA-NZ7, 8 and 9 feature the latest blue laser diode light source BLU-Escent. Adopted by this series, the Home Theater Projectors feature impressive brightnesses of Brightness of 3,000, 2,500 and 2,200 lumens and longevity of 20,000 hours. Longevity like this allows for 20 years or more while watching a 2.5-hour movie every day. Another improvement included in the most recent series features the peak brightness whilst projecting HDR sources, enhancing the sense of the dynamic range and utilizing 8K high definition like never before. 

Additional Features

  • Dynamic control of the light source to achieve high quality picture

The laser diode stored on the laser light source allows dynamic control of brightness with only a slight delay. With dynamic control, reproducing images that are closer to human perception is made possible by controlling the output of the laser according to the brightness of the video scene.

  • Unparalleled black level 

Unparallelled black level is achieved using high contrast ratio and high luminance. With a native contrast ratio of 100,000:1 for the NZ9, 80:000:1 for the NZ8 and 40:000:1 for the NZ7 and a dynamic contrast ratio of ∞ (infinity) :1, high-quality 8K images full of reality can be created.

  • Vivid Colour images 

With DCI-P3-equivalent wide colour gamut on the DLA-NZ9 and NZ8, richly reproduced colours that were previously difficult to reproduce are now possible to experience in the comfort of your home. Experience imagery as close to reality as possible with JVC’s wide colour gamut.

Ultimate High Dynamic Range 


High Dynamic Range (HDR) drastically improves the expressive power of video images. The latest JVC Series is complimented by its support for two dynamic tone mappings of HDR10+ and Frame Adapt HDR. Simply HDR10+ features the metadata for the producer’s intentions for each scene; accordingly, the latest series is capable of reproducing images with the intent planned. Frame Adapt HDR analyzes the peak brightness in HDR10 content with an original algorithm and as such, adjusts to the optimal dynamic range.

waterfall with a sun rising in the background showing the effect of dynamic tone mappingswaterfall with a sun rising in the background showing the effect of dynamic tone mappings

Convenient Features

Advanced Lens Shift

The JVC Series features a wide lens-shift function. Wide shift ranges are offered vertically and horizontally to help deliver projected images without any distortion.

Digital Keystone Function

These projectors use the renowned Digital Keystone Function which adjusts keystone distortion that can occur when a projector is tilted.

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Lead Time AvailabilityIn Stock
Projector LiftCR60
Display Technology0.69-inch Native 4K DILA Device (4096x2160) x3 8K e-shift
Resolution8192 x 4320 (with 8K e-shift)
Brightness ( Lumens)3000
Contrast RatioNative: 100000 : 1, Dynamic: ∞ : 1
Lens Shift+/-100% vertical & +/-43% horizontal, motorized in 16:9 aspect mode
Throw Ratio (min)1.35
Throw Ratio (max)2.75
Keystone CorrectionN/A
Light SourceLaser BLU-Escent Laser Diode
Power Supply AC100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Usage max: 440W / Stationary: Eco Mode 0.20W
Warranty3 years return to base.
Width500 mm
Depth528 mm
Product Height234 mm
Weight (Kg)25.3 kg


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