Living Room Home Cinema, Poland

dark living room with projector screen
November 7, 2022

Living Room Home Cinema, Poland



Dark living room with projector screen showing mountain sceneDark living room with projector screen showing mountain scene

Living Room Home Cinema in Poland

This customer's home in Poland benefits from a versatile living space that transforms into a home cinema at the touch of a button thanks to a recessed projector screen. The screen and speaker system were incorporated as part of the lounge design during a full house build. 


Visits to the Homebuilding and Renovating show during the design stages of the build introduced this customer to the Pure Theatre ceiling recessed projector screens. So when it was time to start fitting out the lounge he booked a demo at the Pure Theatre home cinema centre. It was decided that the projector screens ticked, all the boxes from connectivity to the quality of materials used. 

“The demo was really useful and worth the trip. It gave us ideas around room layout, products and being an engineer loved the tour around the workshops seeing how the screens were made.”



Room plan for home cinemaRoom plan for home cinema


To house the recessed projector screen and some in-ceiling speakers a bespoke drop ceiling was designed by the customer. A design which was bought to life thanks to a skilled local contractor. With the aim of creating a versatile living space the customer chose to keep his regular 48” TV with the ceiling-recessed projector screen dropping down in front. Providing 95” of beautiful viewing space the room transforms at the touch of a button to have a much more cinematic feel. 

The customer debated between going for a 4K or HD projector. They ended up choosing the affordable and easy-to-use 4K PRO UHD Epson EH-TW7100 Projector for great picture quality. The difference between this and a standard HD projector is significantly noticeable on a large screen yet the price point meant this projector was in budget.


Once the screen was chosen attention turned to the sound system. This customer chose to purchase the Q Accoustics 3010i 5.1 system and then team that up with 4 Monitor Audio in-ceiling speakers which he purchased from us here at Pure Theatre. A combo which creates an impressive Dolby atmos 5.1.4 in the lounge.

Finished Home Cinema

living room without projector screenliving room without projector screen

Projector screen hidden away in the ceiling

living room with projector screenliving room with projector screen

Projector screen down

“Installing a home cinema can be as expensive or as cheap as you like but in order to be successful it has to fit into your home and more importantly be used.  Pure Theatre helped in this process to make it a success. When they offer a demo, do it. It's amazing how much you learn from an install perspective and your choices when choosing a system.”

What the customer loves about the home cinema

The thing we love most about the room is the flexibility, having it as a family room one moment with our 18-month boy running around, to then being able to watch a full-blown 4k film on a large screen with Dolby Atmos the next. Having the option to have a standard TV to watch the news or soap on and then a flick of a switch the lights dim, curtains close and screen comes down automatically and we can watch sports or a film on the big screen is great. 

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