How much will a home cinema cost?

home cinema with projector screen
October 20, 2021

How much will a home cinema cost?

How much will a home cinema cost?

Probably the biggest question we get asked is about cost. The majority of people would love to install a home cinema but imagine it being so expensive that it's out of the question. 

We often surprise people when we tell them that home cinemas really can be affordable. Even our concealed home cinemas which hide away in the ceiling do not cost the 30-60k that most people expect. 


One of our concealed home cinemas will cost between 7-10k. 

If you are looking for a dedicated home cinema then the choice of speaker setup and seating can affect the cost greatly so prices range anywhere between 8-30k.

What affects the price of a home cinema?

Although we can give you rough estimates of the system costs, each element you will choose will affect the overall cost of your home cinema. We do have a range of set package deals if you want a fixed price but most people choose to book a demo and choose the best individual elements for their space. Here are the elements to consider which affect the overall price of your home cinema.


1. Projector Selection: It has to be said projectors can range massively in price. Try to avoid getting sucked in by really cheap non-branded projectors as they will have a very short life span and not produce the picture quality you want. Good home cinema projectors start at around £2000. Epson has an amazing range of 4K UHD projectors which fall in the 2-3k range but produce amazing picture quality. These are great options if you are installing one of our concealed home cinema systems in your regular living room. If you are creating a dedicated home cinema or are set on a native 4k projector then you will need to allow 5k plus for your projector. Our most expensive projector is £18,495 so you can see how this would affect the overall price.

2. Speaker Choice: There are an array of speaker options to choose from when creating your home cinema setup. You can go freestanding, wireless freestanding or opt for a completely in-wall and in-ceiling solution. The overall cost will depend on which option you go for but you are looking for between 1-5k. 

3. Projector Screen Selection: Projector screen cost varies depending on a few different factors. The biggest cost change is the size of the screen required. Our screens start at £850 and go up to £2,750 for a 131” recessed screen.

4. Projector Lifts: Our most popular projector lift which fits a large selection of different projectors is the CR50 this will cost you £2,450. 


What about installation costs?

We supply only here at Pure Theatre and therefore we do not install the products. Installation costs will vary depending on who installs the products and where in the country you are. Most people who are fitting our products are in the middle of a new build or renovation and therefore it is completely normal for builders/electricians already working on the project to install our products.


To see just how easy it is to install our motorised lifts and screen check out our installation guides here: 

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